Thrifty Finds

Have you ever found some thrift store items at a really cool price? Then you know the feeling of elation when you walk in the front door with your new treasures at a quarter of the price. Check out some cool finds that I plan to transform.


I found these frames I plan to paint and add wreaths to.

Lamps galore! You can find them at every thrift store. Check out my post Lamp Revamp with details on updating an old brass lamp.

Tip: Make sure they work before you take one of these suckers home. Find a test station or a socket around the store. If you are not sure, ask a clerk.

Keep an eye out for holiday decor, even when it’s not that time of year. I know it’s hard to get into the Easter spirit in August, but it is worth it to scope it out. Oftentimes you will find even better prices, especially right after the holiday!

What thrifty store prizes have you found? Leave a comment and post a picture.

Thrifty Bliss

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